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Whitby Jet

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My main passions in life are collecting Whitby Jet and Fossils.
In 1998 I decided to use my AOL homepage to share my fossils with others via the Internet and produced my first Fossils page.

This page proved quite popular according to the free WebCounter so I decided to put up another page about Whitby Jet. Apart from the occasional updates, these pages stayed pretty much the same until October 2008.

In 2008 AOL decided to no longer give customers free webspace so I had to decide whether to lose my website or rent some space on a server and get my own URL. The latter won, mainly because of the number of 'hits' I had been getting on my pages. In early 2009 I became and started renting server space from Heart Internet.

Because I put my email address on the site I would get the occasional query, usually about Whitby Jet, and usually about how to be sure it was genuine. As a result I wrote the Jet Identification pages. Being an avid visitor of internet auction sites I used to check what prices Jet was selling for and I noticed that a lot of black jewellery was being incorrectly sold as Whitby Jet. This encouraged me to write page three of the Whitby Jet Identification pages, the rogues gallery of 'Not Jet'.

In March 2009 I added a guestbook to my site, the majority of postings have been from people who wanted to show me their Jet or ask for advice about Jet. As I now have 5 gigs of webspace compared to AOL's measly 30 megs I have up a forum to give people the opportunity to show off, discuss and ask questions about Whitby Jet, Fossils, Minerals and Crystals. In July 2012 due to unwanted attention from spammers, I closed down the Forum and Guest Book.

September 2009. A day trip to Whitby has resulted in a page of pictures of Jet Shops of Whitby.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my little patch of cyberspace.

John F.
Preston, Lancashire, UK

Forum - July 2012

I am sorry but due to unwanted attention from spammers, I have closed down the Forum and Guest Book.